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My name is Delilah Wood, and I have several years of experience as a professional dominatrix, as well as personally in the Boston kink scene as a switch. I am semi-retired, as I wanted a richer experience with my clients. At this point in my career, I am looking for greater involvement with my clients, a greater diversity among them, and a chance to do real good for real people who want to incorporate kink into their lives.

I am currently seeking new and past clients with whom I can feel a connection and do the parts of this work that appeal to me the most. Please see this post on my blog for what I am searching for, and contact me if you think you fit the bill.

I offer a range of services for singles, couples and small groups who want to learn more about BDSM, or to experience it in a healing environment. I also offer free advice on my blog. To learn more about me or about my services, click any of the buttons at the top or side of the page. Or email me at delilah@transformativekink.com.